#TCSsuperstars is an employee program which recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary achievements of our employees at TCS Europe. Through their life journeys, our employee superstars empower and motivate others, while bringing about a positive change in the world around them.

Thomas-Sajo Henry:

Saving eyes and changing lives

Our greatest satisfaction comes from seeing the impact that our activities have on people and communities. Watching people come to our eye camps nearly blind, but then returning home fully-sighted.

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Filipe Mota da Silva:

Stand up, be seen, you belong here!

Inclusive companies outperform their less forward-thinking counterparts.

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Jo Whyley:

Powering fundraising in the office, one month at a time!

My satisfaction comes from seeing people taking a few minutes off from their daily routine to support a good cause.

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Suzi Dunn:

Dreaming to fly

I lost my mum, I turned 40, but for some reason my long-cherished dream of flying resurfaced.

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Tanja Kraushaar:

In the Spirit of Giving

For the past 15 years, Tanja Kraushaar has organized many charity initiatives, collecting donations of spare and new items to give to people who need them the most. This is her story of that journey.

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Istvan Martonfi:

Marching on an inspiring trail of success and sportsmanship

World and European Sectorball champion, Istvan Martonfi, believes that the skills and mindset that have seen him achieve the highest honors in sport, have also stood him in good stead in his working life.

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Piyali Haldar:

Celebrating life’s picture perfect moments

There is joy in celebrating picture perfect moments where every element is framed in flawless harmony.

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Detlef Waber :

Cruising on the gastronomic route

Wine Master of the Year finalist, restaurant critic, competitive chef, and with a book coming out in 2021, he takes his ‘other’ life very seriously indeed.

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Navraj Degun:

Living and breathing hockey

I consider myself as having been born into hockey. I picked up a hockey stick as a little boy and now I have represented the country in many international games and tournaments.

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Samuel Kuruvilla:

Stepping up to the Swedish Classic

While I’m not your typical ‘superstar’, I’m proud to have achieved a cherished Swedish dream - the Swedish Classic ‘En Svensk Klassiker’ - a diploma awarded to those who finish a collection of four endurance races during a 12-month period.

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Lisa Gates:

Running: How it helps me, my family and my work

When I started to run, it gave me time for myself and this has helped me mentally as well as physically. Curiously, this ‘me time’ has helped my relationships with others – in my family, and at work.

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Nupur Dutta:

Bouncing back from injury: The long road to running a marathon

I used to be a keen runner, but all that was taken away from me in 2012 when I suffered two slipped discs in my back. Doctors told me there was only a 50% chance of me ever being physically active again.

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Stefanie Koch:

Chasing a writing dream

As a child, I had a special relationship with words, even before I could read or write. I had this gift to make up stories easily, stemming from my childhood struggle to read.

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Tobias Lundgren:

Born to Run - Journey of an Ultra-marathoner

Physical training is not a project with milestones to be met. What we have to do is understand ourselves first - including our fitness levels, endurance limits and mental toughness.

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Subhadip Mukherjee:

Leading change to make the world a better place

"What I want to focus on is building up a community of like-minded, passionate and motivated people. Ultimately, my aim is to inspire people, entice them to explore and execute projects on their own terms."

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Shiv Pandit:

The long run to a new life

I want to share my story to inspire colleagues to give priority to your health. On my arduous journey from 105kg, I learnt that anything is possible if you have the will and determination!

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Saravanakumar Subramani:

From Trichy to Zurich – an unforgettable journey

Cricket is an integral part of my life and has led me on an unforgettable voyage of experiences. Charmed by cricket, I would like to help others discover the magic, mystique and magnificence of this unique sport.

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Gunasekar Krishnamoorthy:

Pioneering a Tsunami early-warning device

The question of an efficient warning system for coastal areas lingered in my mind. I thought of a digital device like a mobile phone to transmit warning information to cover the last mile or reach the people in vulnerable areas.

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Kshitij Saxena:

Fascinating life clicks from your local shutterbug

Working with promising artists and startup companies, my aim is to contribute to the society through my skills. My aspiration is to “create art” through my clicks, or “sculpt” photographs that convey a message.

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Wasique Ali:

Anything is possible if you chase your dreams

I want to reach further and prove that an Indian guy in Luxembourg can reach the pinnacle of a fitness sport such as Men’s Physique while successfully holding down a corporate job.

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Ari-Pekka Repo:

Soaring high in the new sport of drone racing

Drone racing's combination of aviation, acrobatics and technology appealed to Ari-Pekka Repo from the start - now he is at the heart of its advance as a worldwide phenomenon.

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Romain Malick:

Running the toughest footrace in the world

Ultramarathon running challenges the body, mind and spirit - but can also help you look outwards and connect with others.

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