At TCS Europe, we are proud to employ a diverse mix of people.

Providing exceptional service to our customers means employing the best people, providing the best training and investing in each individual to enable them to achieve their full potential. Through the #TCSsuperstars program, our aim is to support the development of our people and celebrate their successes.

As a people-driven organisation, a core set of values sit at the heart of everything we do, they are: leading change, integrity, respect for the individual, excellence, learning and sharing. The #TCSsuperstars program reflects these values and forms part of a culture of excellence that is embedded within our organisation.

Celebrating our people

Meet the TCS Superstars

TCS Superstars are exceptional achievers. They are inspiring individuals tapping into their ambitions and talents to achieve the extraordinary. Through their thought provoking life journeys and experiences, they enrich and impact the world around them.

All of our superstars have chased their dreams and gone on to achieve excellence in their chosen fields. Whether it means pushing themselves to their physical limits or striving for good causes, taking up humanitarian endeavours or going all out in search of a personal goal, each of them have a message to deliver derived from their life journey.

#TCSsuperstars is an employee program at TCS Europe which recognizes and celebrates the extraordinary achievements of our employees. Through their life journeys, our employee superstars empower and motivate others, while bringing about a positive change in the world around them.

TCS Superstars

Thomas-Sajo Henry:

Saving eyes and changing lives

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Filipe Mota da Silva:

Stand up, be seen, you belong here!

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Jo Whyley:

Powering fundraising in the office, one month at a time!

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Suzi Dunn:

Dreaming to fly

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Tanja Kraushaar:

In the Spirit of Giving

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Istvan Martonfi:

Marching on an inspiring trail of success and sportsmanship

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Piyali Haldar:

Celebrating life’s picture perfect moments

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Detlef Waber :

Cruising on the gastronomic route

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Navraj Degun:

Living and breathing hockey

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Samuel Kuruvilla:

Stepping up to the Swedish Classic

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Lisa Gates:

Running: How it helps me, my family and my work

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Nupur Dutta:

Bouncing back from injury: The long road to running a marathon

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Stefanie Koch:

Chasing a writing dream

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Tobias Lundgren:

Born to Run - Journey of an Ultra-marathoner

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Subhadip Mukherjee:

Leading change to make the world a better place

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Shiv Pandit:

The long run to a new life

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Saravanakumar Subramani:

From Trichy to Zurich – an unforgettable journey

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Gunasekar Krishnamoorthy:

Pioneering a Tsunami early-warning device

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Kshitij Saxena:

Fascinating life clicks from your local shutterbug

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Wasique Ali:

Anything is possible if you chase your dreams

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Ari-Pekka Repo:

Soaring high in the new sport of drone racing

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Romain Malick:

Running the toughest footrace in the world

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For more information about the #TCSsuperstars, or for further details about the individual superstars featured here, please contact us on [email protected]