Suzi Dunn:

Dreaming to fly

I lost my mum, I turned 40, but for some reason my long-cherished dream of flying resurfaced.

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Romain Malick:

Running the toughest footrace in the world

Ultramarathon running challenges the body, mind and spirit - but can also help you look outwards and connect with others.

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Tobias Lundgren:

Born to Run - Journey of an Ultra-marathoner

Physical training is not a project with milestones to be met. What we have to do is understand ourselves first - including our fitness levels, endurance limits and mental toughness.

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Shiv Pandit:

The long run to a new life

I want to share my story to inspire colleagues to give priority to your health. On my arduous journey from 105kg, I learnt that anything is possible if you have the will and determination!

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Wasique Ali:

Anything is possible if you chase your dreams

I want to reach further and prove that an Indian guy in Luxembourg can reach the pinnacle of a fitness sport such as Men’s Physique while successfully holding down a corporate job.

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